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General information

What is a C-SAR dispute?

The Belgian Centre for Sports Arbitration (“C-SAR”) is a specific section of CEPANI, the Belgian Centre for Arbitration and Mediation (“CEPANI”). C-SAR administers independently, in accordance with the C-SAR Arbitration Rules (the “Rules”) and its annexes (the “Annexes”), arbitration procedures in the field of sport.

Each sports federation who wishes to add a C-SAR arbitration clause to its rules shall notify the C-SAR. Subject to prior acceptance by the C-SAR, the specific rules of procedure for that Sports Federation shall be set out in Appendix IV of these Rules. In the absence of prior acceptance by C-SAR, the specific rules of procedure adopted by a Sports Federation shall not be applicable to arbitration proceedings introduced in application of these Rules.

Contact CEPANI

Rue des Sols Stuiverstraat 8 — B-1000 Brussels — +32 2 515 08 35
BTW BE 0413 975 115

Financial information

BNP  BE45 2100 0760 8589 (BIC GEBABEBB)
KBC  BE28 4300 1693 9120 (BIC KREDBEBB)
ING   BE36 3100 7204 1481 (BIC BBRUBEBB)

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