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Enterprises with the highest standards, immaculate reputation and leaders in their field.

About our partners

CEPANI, as an arbitration institution, considers the standards of independence, impartiality and integrity as paramount and crucial features for its proper functioning and the threshold of the trust of its users.

For that reason, Partners of CEPANI are enterprises with the highest standards, immaculate reputation and leaders in their field.

Partners of CEPANI cannot be party to an arbitration proceeding administered by CEPANI in any way.

Partnerships should foresee a longstanding relationship and can be visualized in a modest and aesthetic way, on the CEPANI-website, the CEPANI-Newsletter and during conferences whereby CEPANI or CEPANI40 is the leading organizer.


Acolad is the European leader in professional translation and interpretation. The group has a presence in 14 countries and on 3 continents and distinguishes itself by its multi-local market approach. Acolad offers a wide range of language services, for all industries and sectors, including translation, localisation and interpretation. The Acolad group maintains a strong partnership with over 15 000 professional translators, all highly-trained wordsmiths.

At Acolad, we combine the human expertise of our translators with technological innovation to offer you a custom solution that’s perfect for you.

Wolters Kluwer

Wolters Kluwer Belgium provides information, software and services. Their customers are legal, business, tax, accounting, finance, and HSE professionals and businesses. Kluwer helps their customers to be more efficient and effective and support them in making decisions with confidence.


The Instituut voor Bedrijfsjuristen (IBJ)/Institut des juristes d'entreprise (IJE) is the federal professional organisation created by the law of 1 March 2000 for company lawyers, guaranteeing their intellectual independence. In an ever-changing global commercial and legal environment, the IBJ/IJE acts as a guide for company lawyers in their crucial role as legal advisers and strategic partners to their employers.

The Institute keeps a close eye on developments in the profession. We respond proactively to the latest developments in the legal world.

As a centre of expertise, we keep abreast of the latest trends, but also of the realities faced by our members. To this end, we organise numerous seminars, training courses, study days and webinars to help enhance the quality of the profession, all of which form part of the compulsory Continuing Legal Education for company lawyers.

In addition, the Institute determines the ethical rules of the profession and ensures that they are respected. This last point is all the more important as company lawyers are bound and protected by the confidentiality of their legal opinions, which have a major impact on their company's activities.

The company lawyer also plays a role in preventing judicial and administrative proceedings, in a country where their number, backlog and lack of funding are high. In the event of a dispute, the company lawyer is well placed to promote the application of alternative methods of dispute resolution, such as arbitration and mediation. In this context, CEPANI and the IBJ/IJE maintain close links.


b-Arbitra, the Belgian journal for arbitration, is an initiative of CEPANI, the Belgian Center of Arbitration and Mediation. The biannual journal is unique in that it welcomes contributions in English, as well as in Belgium’s official languages Dutch, French and German. Each of these articles is accompanied by a summary in the English language.


Contact CEPANI

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