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Belgian Economic mission to Norway: arbitration hot topics, in collaboration with CEPANI, requests the pleasure of your company for an event in the frame of the Princely Mission to Oslo.

Background information

This event is part of’ participation to the Belgian Princely Mission to Norway which will take place in Oslo, Norway from 16-19 June 2024. This mission is organized by the Belgian Foreign Trade Agency, in cooperation with the three regional agencies for the promotion of foreign trade: Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT), the Wallonia Export-Investment Agency (AWEX) & and the FPS Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation.

As part of the Belgian Princely Mission to Norway, and CEPANI (The Belgian Centre for Arbitration and Mediation) will organize

an event on the topic of arbitration.

The event aims to gather legal professionals, business leaders, and experts in the field of arbitration to exchange insights, discuss recent developments, and explore opportunities for collaboration.

We believe that such an event can significantly contribute to the growth and knowledge-sharing within our respective communities.

Hereunder you will find the program of the proposed event.



Arrival of the guests  – welcome coffee & breakfast


Welcoming words, by Ms. Ans Persoons, Brussels Secretary of State for Urbanism and Foreign Trade


Opening words, by Prof. Benoît Kohl, President of the Belgian Centre for Arbitration and Mediation (CEPANI)


Opening words, by Mr. Christian Hauge, President of The Nordic Offshore and Maritime Arbitration Association (NOMA)


Keynote speech “From Holmgang to AI-bitration”, by Mr. Dirk De Meulemeester, honorary President of CEPANI


Testimonies: Chair of the panel, Ms. Vanessa Foncke, lawyer and arbitrator

  • Ms. Nina Lauber-Thommesen, lawyer and arbitrator

  • Mr. Christian Hauge, lawyer and arbitrator

  • Mr. Marco Schoups, lawyer and arbitrator

  • Mr. Patrick Baeten, In house counsel and arbitrator


Closing notes, by Ms. Isabelle Grippa, CEO






A breakfast will be served prior to the commencement of the event

Please register here by 10 June 2024.

Contact CEPANI

Rue des Sols Stuiverstraat 8 — B-1000 Brussels — +32 2 515 08 35
BTW BE 0413 975 115

Financial information

BNP  BE45 2100 0760 8589 (BIC GEBABEBB)
KBC  BE28 4300 1693 9120 (BIC KREDBEBB)
ING   BE36 3100 7204 1481 (BIC BBRUBEBB)

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FEB/VBO, Rue Ravenstein 4 — B-1000 Brussels
Mon – Fri 09:00h – 12:30h & 14:00h – 17:00h